PRP Hair Restoration Therapy

January 31, 2019

PRP therapy is a non-surgical treatment for both men and women who want to therapeutically stimulate their hair growth. It is a completely natural process and a great alternative for the people who are in need of care for baldness. The treatment makes use of the patient’s own blood for extracting the growth component and then skillfully injecting it in the scalp.

During the treatment, the blood sample is centrifuged to separate the growth cells which have the protein necessary for the thickening of hair or promoting the hair growth. Human blood contains mesenchymal stem cells which have all the factors necessary for hair regeneration with repair of tissues and healing. It is also a very safe technique that can promote the growth of hair follicles actively.

While you are on treatment, your Beverly Hills Hair Restoration expert will recommend you some medication which must be followed with the PRP treatment to ensure healthy results. The treatment, done in around 3 sessions with a gap of 60 days, makes use of micro-needling to clear skin imperfections. You can also combine PRP therapy with transplant surgery to gain effective results.

The best part of PRP Treatment is that it is very simple and does not involve any kind of invasive surgery. It presents a viable option for patients who want a quicker recovery with efficient results. Best of all, the results which you get with PRP are very natural and do not give any kind of artificial appearance.

Don’t let hair loss bring you down. if you want an easy treatment that helps you get lasting results with quick growth of hairs, PRP is the best alternative you can choose.

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