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PRPmobile is entering the mommy market!

We are proud to connect with @lareinechabut and the @momgevity campaign to encourage a mentality of a healthy, nourished lifestyle with a splash of youthfulness. Check out her popular Getaways, well sought out by adventure seekers in Los Angeles! Featured in the @latimes. Expanding in all ways and always!

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PRPmobile - Post PRP Facial

Here are some of our recommendations on what to avoid after receiving a PRP Facial.

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PRPmobile - The Pre Evaluation Process

Learn about the thorough process we take before conducting ANY PRP treatments with new or recurring clients.

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PRPmobile - Needle Depths and Arrays

Learn about how we approach different skin conditions by changing the depth and array of needles we use!

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PRPmobile - Microneedling for Acne Scars

Microneedling penetrates the dermis and uses radio frequency to prompt the growth of elastin and collagen, proteins which are key for facial rejuvenation. The promotion of these proteins helps heal any scarred cells, restoring the skin to its natural texture and youthful look.

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PRPmobile - Numbing Cream

Our custom made numbing cream ensures our client's complete comfort and satisfaction!

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PRPmobile - About Us

At-home facial rejuvenation (the 'Vampire Facial') and hair loss prevention treatments with PRP. Clients receive a custom sample of "Blood Cream" for use between treatments. The spa atmsphere is brought to you. Music and aromatherapy are offered to each client. A facial cleanser and custom numbing cream are applied prior to your treatment.

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Kim Kardashian's Blood Facial

Blood Facial. Yup, apparently it's a thing. In this DNews video, Trace looks at whether there's any actual science behind Kim Kardashian's bloody attempt to stay wrinkle free

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“PRP Mobile was so convenient with their at-home service and they made me feel comfortable being right at home. The facial was great and made my skin feel young and bright. I would recommend everyone to PRP Mobile, they have such great staff members."

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