How Many Different Conditions Can PRP Therapy Treat

February 28, 2019

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) has become a popular therapy for treating a variety of skin and hair related issues. PRP treatment is considered a safe and fast method of treatment which is why it continues to grow in popularity and is often the first choice of physicians and patients alike. While it’s not a magical solution to every skin and hair condition, it is a viable, scientifically proven option for many common issues.

This treatment is very effective in healing traumatic scars quickly, increasing healthy blood circulation, and softening the appearance of stretch marks. PRP therapy is also used for treating skin wounds, addressing hair loss and thinning, aiding in healing after neurosurgeries, and other cosmetic therapies and skin-related treatments.

Here are five specific conditions that PRP can help treat:

1. Skin Scars

There are various types of scars, marks, and moles that can occur on the face or body. Marks are often caused by acne, eczema, etc. Some individuals with severe acne suffer from poor blood circulation and eating habits which further exacerbates the problem. Because PRP improves circulation and regenerate tissues quickly, it can help bring back a natural, healthy glow. While not always physically painful, many people feel self-conscious about their scars and wish to find an effective way to treat them. PRP therapy can help heal and improve the appearance of scars.

2. Skin Lightening

PRP therapy does more than just address wound and scarring. It’s also a well-known way for lightening skin tone, reducing pore size and appearance, and softening the stretch marks on the face. PRP is a natural way to enhance the body’s healing process by increasing platelet concentration.

3. Hair Transplant

Hair-related issues are also treated with PRP. Many physicians are proponents of PRP therapy being used to treat hair damages and perform hair transplants. Because it improves circulation, PRP can help regenerate the new hair, restoring functionality, and improving hair thinning and baldness.

4. Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a chronic, degenerative joint disease. Some individuals who suffer from this disease experience a lot of pain and discomfort. While PRP treatment cannot heal or treat it fully, it can help slow its progression. PRP injections reduce joint inflammation and enable new growth. Many individuals who undergo therapy find that the pain in their hips, joints, shoulders, and ankles improve.

5. Non-Healing Wounds

Some individuals with a blood disorder and similar blood-related conditions experience open wounds that stop healing. This can not only be painful, it can also be dangerous because the wounds are open to bacteria. PRP therapy creates high concentrations of platelets help to fight infections and encourage blood coagulation.

These are five common uses for PRP treatment but there are other conditions and symptoms that can benefit from this therapy. Find out if PRP is the right fit for you and learn more about the best PRP therapy in Beverly Hills.