5 Things You Didn't Know About Microneedling with PRP

July 30, 2018

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a non-invasive, non-surgical beautifying go-to for women and men of all ages and skin variations. Specially targeting aging, wrinkled skin and acne scars, specialists use microneedling devices to make thousands of small injuries in the face, leading the body’s own healing system to infiltrate the micro-injuries and fill with plumping collagen and remedial proteins. The result is smoother, brighter skin with less apparent, filled wrinkles, diminished signs of hyperpigmentation and scarring, and much more.

Microneedling can be used in combination with PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma. During this procedure—also known as a vampire facial—blood is drawn from your body (usually your arm), and while your face is numbing for the microneedling procedure, the blood is spun to separate the PRP. The platelets are akin to stem cells and contain hundreds of proteins, called growth “factors,” which promote clotting, cell growth, and healing, and are especially beneficial in tightening skin on the face.

Adding PRP to your microneedling procedure comes at a slightly higher price, but if you’re already paying for the benefits of standard microneedling, the results achieved with a vampire facial are more than worth the extra funds. The following are a few things you may not know about the PRP facial.

1. Results Are Timeless

Depending on what you’re using microneedling with PRP for, your results may be different—but ultimately, the procedure comes with timeless benefits for any type of skin. Tight pores and lifted skin can last for months, but if you’re targeting age spots or acne scars, over time microneedling with PRP will smooth out divots and imperfections, leaving flawless, lovely skin that keeps improving months after the procedure.

2. Microneedling Is Non-Invasive

For the astounding effectiveness of the procedure, microneedling with PRP is non-surgical and non-invasive compared with harsh, ablative lasers and cosmetic surgeries. Despite the negative connotations associated with its nickname—vampire facial—the addition of PRP into the procedure is a simple prick and a light massage with platelets, that when spun out, actually look like a little tube of hyaluronic acid.

3. It’s A Lot Less Painless Than You Think

If you’ve had microneedling done before, you’ve likely been surprised by how painless the procedure is, and if you haven’t, it’s similar to a vibrating facial. The only difference of a combination with PRP is a blood draw—the addition of a tiny needle that you’ll barely notice. In earlier days, PRP used to be injected straight into the skin, but now physicians have found that using PRP after a microneedling procedure is the most effective way to sink anti-aging in. The PRP is massaged into your face after microneedling, along with any other beautifying reagents that your physician or esthetician is utilizing.

4. Little Downtime with Microneedling

A strong peel will keep you housebound for quite a while, and surgical procedures will have you cooped up for weeks—or even months. Even with the outstanding effects of microneedling, there’s extremely little downtime—after about 24 hours of sunburn-esque redness, you’re back to normal, and many people return to work after a lunchtime procedure.

Your skin might feel a bit tight and dry for a few days, but a week after your procedure, you’ll start to see glowy, rejuvenating results. It’s recommended for the week after microneedling with PRP you use a strong sunscreen. Follow our specific instructions to the T. Retinol products are advised to be discontinued a week before your procedure.

5. Your Body Is Actually Healing Itself

Collagen is an essential element of connective tissue and is responsible for skin elasticity and durability. Over years, naturally-produced collagen in our bodies experiences degeneration, leading to sagging skin, deepening wrinkles, receding plumping, and a less youthful look and feel.

Fortunately, our bodies are able to produce new collagen, which is why Collagen Induction Therapy has become such a powerful instrument in one’s beauty regimen. The tiny needles from the microneedling pen produce micro-injuries that trick our bodies into sending healing reinforcements to the treated areas, and an uptick in collagen production continues long after the procedure is done. The added benefit of PRP, accompanied by growth factors called PDGF, initiates specialized wound healing that simulates cell replication of healing-capable stem cells to form new capillaries into the wound. In short, a quick, easy procedure enables you to tap into and unlock your own anti-aging abilities. Call or send us an email to see if the PRP facial is right for you!